On invests in Chauvet Mavericks

In keeping with our commitment to providing clients with impactful, seamlessly executed experiences, and in order to keep pace with the latest technology, We have made an investment in 20 Chauvet Professional Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures to add to our our lighting inventory. 

The Maverick addition came at the end of a long and extensive research process that began when we first encountered the MK1 Spot at last year’s Prolight + Sound. Impressed by what we saw at the Frankfurt show our team surveyed industry members about the product and did a cost analysis before putting it to a shoot-out test with competing fixtures.

“We shot-out the Mavericks against some of their competitors at our warehouse, and they were certainly the best value for the money when you looked at features, optics and brightness,” commented Production Director, Adam Dewhurst. “As a result, we had no qualms about adding these into our inventory to take care of larger events requiring added visual punch.” 

With its intense output, the 350W moving fixture will be powerful enough to handle even the largest events served by On. Being an LED fixture, the Maverick MK1 Spot will also offer the company savings in terms of operating costs. Features like variable frost, CMY colour mixing, a 5:1 zoom, dual gobo wheels and three-facet prism give the MK1 Spot the versatility to meet the needs of our wide range of projects.

Looking beyond the merits of the Maverick MK1 Spot itself, Adam cited his company’s relationship with Chauvet as a key factor driving the decision to invest in the new fixture. “After the last three years of working with Rogue, the Chauvet name for us became synonymous with reliability and performance,” he said. “With the friendly, personal and excellent after-sales service which we’ve received over the past three years, it was clear that investing again in Chauvet was the right choice.”

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