On makes significant investment in 2.6mm LED wall

We strongly believe that video content should sit at the centre of any conference or event. When visuals are eye-catching and crisp, key messages land brilliantly keeping the audience fully engaged. To underpin this belief, we recently decided to make a significant investment into Unilumin 2.6mm LED Wall

2.6mm has become the new industry standard and at 1200 nits, our video wall is incredibly bright, and with a 140 degree super-wide viewing angle, it can be seen clearly wherever you are sat in the room. As technology has improved, LED video wall has become more accessible with the cost becoming more affordable to a wider range of clients, and more importantly, the visual clarity of the screens available has increased dramatically. What we love about video wall is its versatility, stunning deep colour reproduction and, of course, its brightness. It allows us to design visually appealing and engaging events for our clients. 

We stock Unilumin UPADIII 2.6 LED video wall. At 2.6mm pitch we can achieve full HD resolution at 5m wide and 3m tall making our wall suitable for indoor applications with shorter viewing distances from 2.6m. 4K resolution can be achieved with just 60 square meters of wall.

Due to the size and weight of the panels, a single person can install and re-dig the LED video wall. The panels are accessible from the rear and have a magnetic design which makes installing the video wall from either the ground or from above a breeze. Click here for full product details on our hire site

Our Unilumin video wall has the ability to installed in a straight line, as well as convex or concave curves and we stock both ground support and flying frame options allowing us to tailor the install and size of the video wall to suit the look and feel of your event. Click here for a short video of the video wall in action

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